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inventory list and uses for a more extensive medical kit to be kept at the truck, hotel, hunting cabin, etc. Then I'll discuss some common injuries of bird dogs that require veterinary care. Finally, we'll conclude with a few thoughts on preventative medicine. In an ideal world what follows will not be needed, but it is my hope that if the worst happens, this article will help you position yourself to respond to your dog's injury, as needed.

The Field First-Aid Kit

On every trip into the field, I carry the following items in my hunting vest: a short leash, a medium size surgical clamp (a good needle nose pliers would work or a Leatherman tool), a bandage scissors (game shears), a roll of 1" white surgical tape, roll of 2" vet wrap or Co-flex bandage material, a roll of 2" elasticon bandaging tape (duct tape would work, if need be), two rolls of 3" roll gauze, one roll of 2" roll gauze, a 2" thick stack of 3X3" gauze sponges, two 3X4" Telfa non-adherent pads, a 5X8" absorbent pad, a water bottle, and a small case for the above. This list is not all-inclusive and you should add or detract as needed. It should prepare you for most things you'll encounter and can be carried in your game bag almost unnoticed.

The short leash should be used anytime you encounter an unexpected road or another dog that has its mind set on fighting your well trained, calm dog. Leash your dog if there's a dead animal that your dog finds irresistible - but you don't - or for any of a long list of possible hazards which might be encountered in a day of hunting. A surgical clamp is for pulling porcupine quills, cactus pickers, prickly pears, splinters and the like. The bandage scissors is for cutting the bandage material, matted hair, cutting out hard to removed burrs, and field dressing game birds. The tape and vet wrap are used for bandaging wounds, applying splints, or as make-shift dog booties. For those of you unfamiliar with it,

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