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The Fetcher Sketcher
by Loretta Baughan
- Photos courtesy of Karen Lee

"A Patient Grandma", pen-and-ink, English Cocker Spaniels
Barshall Firefly & 'grandpup'. Fly is owned by Jack and Lorrie Jones of California.

Karen Lee of Puyallup, Washington, is the "Fetcher Sketcher". She is an artist with a passion for dogs - and it is evident in her artwork. Her paintings and drawings convey to the viewer a sense of the dog's spirit and it's unique personality.

"According to my mother, at about age three, I demonstrated that I wanted a swing-set by drawing one in lipstick on a wall," Karen acknowledges her earliest expression towards an interest in art. "But I don't recall that incident. I can remember drawing and sketching early in grade school." She admits, "My teachers used to mention in my report cards that "Karen sometimes has to be reminded to finish her assignments before doing artwork". I'd start a page of school work which would end up covered with sketches."

"I think she is able to capture the essential quality of the particular dog."
- Janet Christensen

Inspiration to focus her talents on dogs began in early childhood. Karen credits this influence to the family's Sheltie. "[It] was my "babysitter"," she fondly explains. "I've never not had a dog... except when I was away at college. So dogs - and horses that we also had when I was a kid - were always my favorite subjects."

"In about the 5th or 6th grade, I joined a dog 4-H club that lead to competing in AKC obedience, junior showmanship and conformation with Irish Setters and English Springer Spaniels. We stayed in Springers and I've been involved

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