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The Art of Shooting Flying
with Bryan Bilinski & Tom Huggler

The Art of Shooting Flying is a two-part video. Part I deals primarily with technique and Part II covers gun fit. Before viewing the videos, I thought about what I would want to gain from viewing a shooting video. Four goals came to mind:

1) Technique - I want to eliminate errors and improve the mechanics of shooting a shotgun.
2) Practice - I want to gather some ideas for practicing without having to go to a range.
3) Improvement - I would like to see results evidenced by better scores at clay target games and better wing shooting.
4) Visuals - I would like to see some targets broken via a gun-mounted camera or animations.

The Art of Shooting Flying

These videos do very well at addressing three of these and while addressing the forth, I was left wishing for more.

Part I of this video set has Tom Huggler, of game bird hunting video fame, as the student and Bryan Bilinski, chief shooting instructor at Fieldsports Ltd. Of Traverse City, Michigan, as the instructor. Mr. Bilinski teaches the Churchill method of instinctive shooting. When asked why he uses this method, his answer, in part, was that it is simple and natural - which for me, proved to be true.

The instinctive method has four interrelated steps: stance, ready position, gun mount, and focus. Together, with Mr. Huggler asking questions and Mr. Bilinski providing answers and demonstrations, each step is vividly explained. When the presentation of each step is completed, there is a review of the step. After the review was completed, I found it helpful to have my unloaded shotgun available for practice. I stopped the video, practiced the technique, then went back to the video.

I classify myself as an incurable gun trader and buyer - a view not argued by my wife and friends. After viewing Part II of this video set, I believe that this trading - buying odyssey was, in part, an attempt to find a gun that fit. I found Part II of The Art of Shooting Flying to be very interesting. Mr. Bilinski shows how to test the fit of your gun at the pattern

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