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lab people's advice," recommends Serge to those thinking about running the UKC tests. "I encourage them [spaniels] to do the UKC tests. It's fun and very interactive between the handler and dog. [Many of the] people are friendly and willing to help you out."

"Be disciplined with training and be patient," he cautions. "Springers have a tendency to quarter with their nose down as opposed to trusting the handler. This [doing lines] is going against the grain [for them]."

What's next?

Serge says that he's accomplished all that he wanted and that the whole experience is still like a dream to him. His wife is urging Serge to take Remington to Lafayette, Louisiana in October to participate in a second UKC HRC Grand Champion test. If they are successful at obtaining another pass, it will be for the title.

First and foremost they love to hunt. The training and hunt tests are viewed as a means of allowing Remy to experience some fun with birds in the off-season. Remy has never been collared [e-collar]. Serge describes their relationship as having a strong dog-handler bond. When they train, he insures that the last thing Remy remembers is that he got a bird and they come home on a happy note.

"If your dog trusts you, he will do anything for you."

UKC Hunting Retriever Club Contact Info

Interested people can contact Steve by email or phone (269) 343-9020, can visit the UKC website, or look at HRC's website.

Steve Vanduine
HRC Program Manager and Editor of Hunting Retriever magazine

Loretta Baughan is a member of the UKC Flushing Breeds Hunt Test committee, the Tilden Valley English Springer Spaniel Club, and Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club. She resides at Merrill, Wisconsin, with her husband, Steve, and their three children, where they raise English Springer Spaniels under the Autumnskye prefix.

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