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"Remy was in the groove picking up quads."

The Grand Test, held at Hullet Marsh in Clinton, Ontario, spanned the first five days of July encompassing five series. Two land tests, two water tests, and the upland test presented the dogs with a formidable challenge. It involved the execution of 160-yard triples, quads up to 200 yards, 165-yard blinds, and water blinds in flooded timber - all in grueling 90 to 100 degrees heat.

Remy's first series land blind was 165 yards in heavy cover, on the slope of a ravine. "He marked it incredibly well," Serge recalls. He handled this segment of the test beautifully, with only two whistles.

Serge's wife was in the gallery, observing. She had to smile when she overheard a labrador retriever guy say, "If he [Serge] can do that with a springer can you imagine what he'd do with a lab?"

The dog and handler were in perfect tune with one another. They communicated by body language. "Remy was in the groove picking up quads. He was so confident," Serge beams, "I could look at his expression as he was bringing one in and his eyes would look to where he'd go next."


It was terribly hot during the third series of the water test. When Remington came in for his last retrieve, he was exhausted and laid down. He was too tired to move. Serge thought it was over. He knew that if he touched the dog or tried to coax him they would be out. So he lined him up, then went ahead and sent him. To his suprise, the springer leaped into the water. Remy lined the 160 yard blind going over logs and negotiating obstacles - incredibly - with just one whistle.

During the fourth series, Remy's marked retrieved landed behind cover, adding to their difficulty. Remington nailed them.

HRCH/UH Springville's Remington MH made gun dog history with this hard-earned UKC HR Grand Champion test pass. He is the first - and only spaniel, so far - to do so. As are all of the UKC Hunting Retriever Club tests, the dogs were being judged against a standard rather than being in direct competition with one another. Steve Vanduine, the HRC Program Manager, reports that the Hullet Marsh Grand Test had 174 dogs entered with just 60 of them earning passes. It was a difficult and challenging event.

Serge credits the level of control they've achieved to their involvement with the Hunting Retriever Club. "Listen to the

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