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Foundation partners with AKC Canine Health Foundation to study cancer, autoimmune and thyroid diseases in spaniels.

CROSSVILLE, TN - The American Spaniel Club Foundation announced support for three canine medical research studies over the next two years. They are canine lymphoma, genetic susceptibility of hypothyroid disease and histocompatibility and autoimmunity - all often seen in cocker spaniels.

"Through a combination of resources, we approved what will be more than $20,000," said Marilyn Spacht, president, American Spaniel Club Foundation. "The total amount allocated for these three studies is $10,000, and includes $1000 of funds from our Purina Parent Club Partnership in our Donor Advised Fund. These dollars, the $10,000 total amount allocated by the ASCF doubles through the partnership with the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation who matches them dollar for dollar, making our contribution $20,000 in support of these identified research studies," she explained.

"The total dollar amount required for these three projects is over $273,000," said Debi Bell, ASCF Grants Director. "Our outlay of $9000 is just over three percent of the total cost and is an example of the benefit of leveraged funds. In addition to the ASC Foundation, we share resources with 22 other parent clubs and breed foundations. Two of the studies are fully funded now, with only the autoimmunity still needing $30,000."

"Because lymphoma, thyroid disease and autoimmune diseases are significant health issues in cockers, research in these area will improve our ability to identify at-risk dogs," said Bell. "That is, genetic carriers or genetically predisposed animals. We can then use this information to plan our breeding programs as well as to develop therapies for these dogs."

"Two of the studies are fully funded now, with only the autoimmunity still needing $30,000."

"Funding research is a long-term commitment and when this scientific base leads to effective diagnosis and treatment, together with improved pre-breeding screening tests or gene therapies to breed healthier dogs, we will be part of it all. And that is our goal, to support the breed now and the generations yet to be born," said Bell.

The American Spaniel Club Foundation, Inc. is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded to support scientific research and program development that advance the health and well being of flushing spaniels, and specifically cocker spaniels.

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Contact: Wilma Parker, American Spaniel Club Foundation Communications Chair:

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