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In 2001, the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association (ESSFTA) and the ESSFTA Foundation joined with The Bird Dog Foundation Museum in conjunction with the new Springer Field Trial Hall of Fame located in Grand Junction, Tennessee, to establish a permanent site for springer archives at the museum. Significant items of memorabilia have already been assembled with targeted projects to include: 1) scanning all national open, national amateur, and national bench specialty catalogs since each national’s inception into the ESSFTA’s web site; 2) updating Bea Brown’s classic volume, The English Springer Spaniel in North America, published in 1969; and, 3) vigorously seeking additional priceless springer memorabilia.

Ltd. Edition Bronze Replicas

Such projects cost money. The Springer Archives Committee, therefore, is spearheading a fundraising campaign. A major component of this campaign is the selling of miniature bronze replicas of a life-size statute of one of the most famous Springer Hall of Fame inductees - the winner of the 1953 and 1956 National Open Championships, NFC Micklewood Scud. The life-size statute is currently being created by well-known sculptor Jim Gion of Portland, Oregon, and is to be installed on a granite base outside the museum upon completion, with formal dedication scheduled for February 11, 2006.

Mounted on a base, each replica will be approximately ten inches in height and twelve inches in length. At the purchaser’s option, the base may hold a plate that can be engraved as a commemoration to a particular springer, special friend or colleague, judge, club, etc... at no additional cost.

These replicas are available through advance subscriptions at $350 apiece. The subscription period will end on June 30, 2005, at which time the number of limited edition replicas will be set. A very small aggregate number of replicas will be established and these "extra" replicas will be used by the archives committee for future fund-raising endeavors such as auctions and prize drawings, while a few replicas will be available for purchase at a significantly higher price than was established during the subscription period.

The archives committee strongly suggests that you make your purchase soon. Don't miss out on owning a limited edition piece of superb art that is certain to become an important collectible.

Who was NFC Micklewood Scud?

A magnificent black and white springer, Micklewood Scud was born in England on November 25, 1949, from a litter bred by Captain R. W. Corbett. Scud's sire and dam were Sealre O'Vara and Micklewood Sue. After achieving six English field trial placements in 1951 and eight more in 1952, Scud's owner, W. G. Sheldon, sold him to Julia and Philip Danforth Armour of Armforth Kennels who brought him to the states. He was trained to compete in US field trials, then handled by pro-trainer, Steve Studnicki, to both national championship victories. Marshall "Jim" Lightfoot, archives committee member, comments, "Think of Scud initially being a large diamond in the rough; but, when polished by Steve Studnicki, he became the "Hope Diamond!"

Within a fifteen year period, Julia and Philip Danforth Armour’s Armforth Kennels championed fifteen field champions - as well as won six national open titles. A most impressive accomplishment. Julia was the first woman to win a national open championship, the first amateur to win the title and the only springer owner/handler to also be inducted into the Skeet Shooters’ Hall of Fame (Class of 1976).

"Marshall "Jim" Lightfoot, archives committee member, comments, "Think of Scud initially being a large diamond in the rough; but, when polished by Steve Studnicki, he became the "Hope Diamond!"

Indeed, Scud was a magnificent springer, and he has been so aptly captured by Jim Gion - an outstanding sculptor, well noted and respected for his eye for detail and his ability to record the essence of the canine set before him. The sculptor, Jim Gion, has a portfolio that includes both public and private commissions in bronze and fired clay. His ability to "capture just the right look" led to his selection to sculpt the winners of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. An article that reflects Jim Gion’s artistic philosophy and craftsmanship appears in the December 2004 issue of the AKC Gazette. Additional information can be found on Jim Gion’s Web site: Artdog.

Special Announcement

As many of you know, there have been discussions about the possibility of holding a couple of AKC field trials in the Grand Junction, Tennessee, area. Doing so would help draw a good crowd for the Micklewood Scud statue dedication as well as the 2006 Hall of Fame inductees ceremony - which is scheduled for February 11, 2006. All’s well that ends well. It has been decided that we are going to hold two field trials! The first is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8, 2006, featuring Open and Puppy stakes, only. The second event will follow on Thursday and Friday, February 9-10, 2006, with regular stakes: Open, Amateur and Puppy.

This will be a first ever springer trial event to be held in Tennessee. If the scenting is like it was in it's neighboring state of Arkansas, "Look out Charlie!" Get your dogs ready and come, join us for a good time! More information later... Jim Lightfoot

Pedigree of 1953 and 1956 NFC Micklewood Scud

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents 2nd Great Grandparents
sire: Searle O'Vara
UK FTCH Daud - KCSB2104QQ Nithsdale Speed - KCSB1678PP UK FTCH Nithsdale Rover - KCSB1830JJ
Nithsdale Spy
Caustray - KCSB1672NN Dalbrack
Joy of Doune
Stress O'Vara UK FTCH Spur O'Vara UK 1936 NFTCH Sam O'Vara - KCSB1483TT
Squib O'Vara - KCSB1572SS
UK FTCH Style O'Vara - KCSB2097QQ UK FTCH Sting O'Vara - KCSB1639MM
UK FTCH Spin O'Vara - KCSB1483QQ
dam: Micklewood Sue
UK FTCH Sarkie O'Vara - KCSB860AD Sprint O'Vara - 2040TT UK FTCH Spy O'Vara - KCSB1714NN
Judosa - KCSB2242RR
Startlette O'Vara UK FTCH Daud - KCSB2104QQ
UK FTCH Style O'Vara - KCSB2097QQ
Downton Mischief - KCSB1255AD Eromtew Flash Eromtew Judge
Downton Mona Rivington Quest
Downton Dimple

Limited Edition Replica Order Form

Please duplicate and complete this order form and send it along with the appropriate check amount to the Archives Committee Chair: Florence Giles, 57 Old Jasmine Hill Road, Wetumpka, Alabama 36093-3424. Make check payable to ESSFTA.

Name(s): _________________________________________ Telephone No. __________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Email address: _________________________________________

No. Requested: ____ Total cost (at $350 per replica): $________
Note: Shipping costs will be billed separately.

Engraved plate desired: Yes ____ No ____

Submit requested inscription, up to 25 words, on reverse or on separate attached sheet. If preferred, designate that the plate for engraving is desired but is to be left blank or, alternatively, that a blank plate is to be included with the shipment but not affixed to the base.

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source credit:
K.C. Stud Books, courtesy of Bob Nicholson, Lochindorb English Springers

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