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David Lisett: Gundog Handler for the Duke of Buccleuch by Christine Lavier

I first met David Lisett at an open springer spaniel field trial at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England in October of 2008. My friend, Shane Cresswell, and I were visiting David and Wendy Knight at their home near Colchester, Essex. This was the second time I had been to Houghton Hall for a spaniel trial. I love going there. It has great spaniel cover and is a beautiful estate in northeast England. This time was going to be particularly exciting because of the opportunity to meet David.

David is a relative newcomer to the spaniel trialing scene, but his talent and success are very impressive. He has been training labs and spaniels since 1991. He acquired his three foundation ESS bitches in 1996: Rytex Ricicles, Edwardiana Tweed and Toonarmy Top-Tip. He took the name of "Annickview" for his kennel and in 1998, David entered his first field trial.

In 2001, David was chosen as a member of the Scottish National Gundog Team, and in 2004 he was hired full time by the Duke of Buccluech to be the handler/trainer/breeder for Buccleuch Gundogs - located at Queensbury Estate, Dumfires and Galloway, in Scotland. David was to be instrumental in working with the Duke to re-establish the Buccluech line of Labradors. The Annickview springers went with him.

Since joining the Buccleuch team, David has compiled quite an impressive record of producing and training quality spaniels:

FTC Edwardiana Tweed (FTC Laganmill Malvern x FTC Toonarmy Torrent)

  • Dec 2003 - 1st Irish Spaniel Championship

IFTC Annickview Anna (FTC Steadroc Sker x FTW Rytex Ricicles)

  • Dec 2003 - 3rd Irish Spaniel Championship
  • Jan 2004 - 1st British Spaniel Championship
  • Dec 2004 - 3rd Irish Spaniel Championship
  • Dec 2005 - 1st Irish Spaniel Championship
  • Dec 2007 - 2nd Irish Spaniel Championship

Irish FTC Annickview Breeze (FTC Clarburgh Art x FTC Edwardiana Tweed)

  • Dec 2004 - 2nd Irish Spaniel Championship
  • Jan 2005 - 1st British Spaniel Championship
  • Dec 2006 - 2nd Irish Spaniel Championship
  • Jan 2007 - 1st British Spaniel Championship
  • Dec 2007 - 1st Irish Spaniel Championship

FTC Buccleuch Jazz (FTC Glynvilla Griffin x IFTC Anncikview Breeze)

  • Jan 2009 - Diploma and Guns Choice British Spaniel Championship
  • Jan 2010 - 1st British Spaniel Championship

David and the Buccleuch Gundog Team have recently added English cocker spaniels to their breeding program. Already, David has qualified a couple cockers for the Championships.

Now, David has graciously and enthusiastically agreed to come to America to share his knowledge. Windrift Kennel of Cochranton, Pennsylvania will be hosting a Spaniel Training Clinic on May 14, 15 and 16, 2010. If you are interested in working with David, please visit us on the web at Windrift Spaniels for more information, contacts and registration form regarding this clinic.

This is an unusual and special opportunity to work with a top spaniel handler whether you are a field trialer, hunt test participant or just love to hunt behind a well trained spaniel.

Bibligraphy - all information was obtained from Buccleuch Gundogs

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