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Made For a Woman
by Loretta Baughan

Loretta wearing Cabela's vest, pants, and cap with Rocky.

Itís been thirteen years since I first began tagging along with my husband and our spaniels on hunting outings - camera in hand. I soon realized that hunting wasnít just a "guy thing". It was more than going into the woods to shoot game. Much more. Experiencing the beauty of the northwoods dressed in autumnís glory, listening to the music of life in the forest while breathing in the earthy aroma provides a bounty for the senses - and a calming, renewing effect to the soul.

Before long, I enrolled in - and passed - a hunterís safety course. And I, too, began carrying a shotgun into the field. Now I hunt, shoot trap, train my springers, and attend field trials.

Like many women who enjoy upland hunting and spaniel field work, I found myself wearing baggy hunting vests and coats that were designed for men. Because of the poor fit - especially in the shoulders, waist and sleeve length - I have missed opportunities to get a good shot as the butt of my shotgun would often catch in the bulky material. It made proper shotgun mount a tricky maneuver.

"Each of these companies understand just how important high quality, style, fit and comfort is to women - and it is evident in their products."

So, I began a quest to find quality-made upland clothing for women.

Unfortunately, I found that many of the long-established upland clothiers offer nothing at all for women. Just locating items in a menís small size can be a difficult task, as some manufacturers seem to ignore that size category all together. Undaunted and with determination, I continued the search. I was delighted and pleased to discover that Cabelaís, Browning, Orvis, Zabell, and LLBean are marketing lines of womenís upland clothing, and are offering a good

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