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There’s no reason to let a little rain put a damper on your training, hunt test, trialing or hunting plans when you come prepared with Cabela’s Dry-Plus® Performance Upland Series coat and pants. Dry-Plus® is a technological advancement in waterproofing. It is created through a laminating process which, when combined with Infinity Field Cloth XT, results in garments that are durable, 100% waterproof and provide breathable comfort. Although it is made from quick drying nylon, it has the look, feel and comfort of cotton. You’ll be surprised that is really isn’t cotton!

This cool weather upland coat is constructed using Cabela’s new Vortec TMT sleeve. This is a design concept allowing for complete freedom of movement for the arm and shoulder. It’s an ideal feature for the shooter.

The attractive tan and quilted blaze combo will keep the hunter visible from all directions in the field or woodlands. A zipper and snaps front closure keeps inclement weather out. Cuffs offer a fully adjustable fit, thanks to Velcro. Your shotgun is protected from nicks and scratches as there are no exposed buttons or snaps on the front of this fully lined coat. Two roomy, snap close, front cargo style pockets with handy shell holders are also lined, as is the generously sized, tri-load, blood-proof game bag - which is easily accessible from the front, sides and back. The front pocket stress points are riveted for added durability. A rear, zippered cargo pocket flanked by water bottle holders completes the back. Yes… that’s two water bottle holders. Inside, they’ve included a pocket for sunglasses and another with a secure zipper closure for your wallet and keys.

Machine wash in warm water and tumble dry on low makes it very easy care. What more could you ask for? Available sizes range from men’s medium through 3XL.

Cabela’s coordinating two-tone tan upland pants made from the combination of Dry-Plus® and Infinity fabrics are well-tailored and fully lined. Details feature double stitched side seams, two large front pockets plus a rear pair that are button secured. The fly closing has a sturdy, jeans style metal button and zipper. Both belt loops as well as interior suspender buttons are provided.

It is offered in even waist sizes and can be hemmed to a 35½" inseam length. Preparing to shorten the pants for my husband, Steve, I tried to insert a straight pin - which, to my amazement, promptly bent to form a 45° angle! These tough pants are undoubtedly up to the task of hunting the wild berry and rose briar brambles we typically frequent with our spaniels.

And this coat and pants are not just for rainy weather. It is great all-around upland hunting apparel. If you’re a hunter, trainer, hunt tester or field trialer looking for quality, comfort and versatility in your field wear, Cabela’s Dry-Plus® Performance Upland Series coat and pants is an excellent choice… and you’ll be ready to enjoy a great day afield with your spaniel - come rain or come shine.

Armadillo Foam Training Products

After reviewing Armadillo Foam’s puppy-sized dummies in our May 2006 issue (see Cultivating Positive Retrieving Skills in Your Puppy), I was excited to test their full sized training products.

This Fort Worth, Texas based company offers a wide assortment of bumpers plus waterfowl and upland bird styles, as well. The bird designs are exclusive to Armadillo Foam and their original molds are custom created by woodcarving artist, Allen Weidhaas. All products are made in the USA. The heads and bodies of Armadillo Foam birds consist of one solid piece - so there is no head dangling on a rope that could flop around as it’s being carried. All of the birds are without feet. They are made from non-toxic polyurethane foam with the toss rope molded right in. Birds and large dummies come with a handle knob which helps to add distance to the thrown retrieve. These are soft, but very durable - and Armadillo Foam guarantees their products for six months or 6,000 retrieves - whichever comes first.

As with any training product, dogs should not be allowed to play with them or use them without supervision. These training dummies should always be put away after training. If left in water they will absorb it and they can also deteriorate from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. So keep them out of sight when not in use and you will extend the product's usefulness - and help to preserve your dog's enthusiasm for training.

Ducks are available in either realistic looking mallard or ring neck styles - and in three sizes: life size at 1.4 lb, midi weighing .85 lb and mini at .33 lb. The life size and mini ducks have crook necks while the midi is posed straight. Naturally, they float and are easy for the dog to see and grasp from the water. The midi size duck is ideal for the seven to eleven month old spaniel. The progression of size encourages success in that as pup grows, so can his duck.

An unexpected benefit of working a young, year-old dog who typically has tendencies towards parading about with his dummies, is that by moving him up to the heavier, full size duck, he wasn’t so inclined to avoid coming in with it. After just a toss or two, he began enthusiastically bringing it right in.

Bobwhite quail weigh in at .33 lb and are very pup friendly. They are a terrific choice for pup’s first bird bumper since there are no protruding parts to poke his tender mouth.

Tipping the scale at 1 lb, the colorful pheasant is a favorite. It comes with replaceable tails that attach directly to the toss rope. The size and weight of this pheasant is suitable for spaniels that are nine or ten months and older.

The waterfowl and upland bird dummies are great training tools as they are not only fun to use, but they actually teach pups or young dogs how to carry live birds properly. And pup will learn this - on his own. He may start out dragging the dummy by the rope or head of the bird, but pup will soon figure out for himself that they are easiest to retrieve when grasped by the body. Isn’t that how learning should be... fun!

Armadillo Foam’s traditional style bumper comes in two sizes: small - weighing .33 lb and large is .75 lb. Keeping things interesting, they offer an array of paint schemes which include solid white, striped, barber pole or long-mark black and white. Puppies can easily manage the small bumper from as young as eight or nine weeks old. The full size bumper is quite comfortable for a spaniel to hold and carry.

Regardless of the bumper used, on land or water, my dogs loved them all.


Armadillo Foam, Inc

Loretta Baughan

Loretta Baughan is the founder, editor and publisher of Spaniel Journal. She is an award winning professional photographer, webdesigner and owner of the Autumnskye kennel. She raises, trains and hunts her English springer spaniels. She is an active member of the Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club. Loretta resides near Merrill, Wisconsin, with her husband, Steve, and their three children.

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