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Called in to the line were Mr. I. Wilsonís Keeperscourt Dancing Brave and Mr. D. Hickensonís Edwardiana Tay, astutely handled by Mr. A. Patterson. The dogs were cast off into a head wind. Little stood between the two, with Brave just showing that little more style and application in his hunting.

The trial had ended.

The results were as follows:

1st - Mr. I. Wilsonís English springer spaniel dog, Keeperscourt Dancing Brave (Int.Ft.Ch. Rytex Ruffer of Tasco x Wyndhill Regale), awarded the Cecil Irvine Cup.

2nd - Mr. D. Hickensonís English Springer Spaniel dog, Edwardiana Tay (Ft.Ch. Laganmill Malvern x Toonarmy Torrent), handled by Mr.A.Patterson.

3rd - Mr. W. J. Chambersí English Springer Spaniel bitch, Hillside Bramble (Ft.Ch. Millshadow Aster x Sallyís Secret)

4th - Mr. J. McNameeís English Springer Spaniel bitch, Forestmay Pearl, (Ft.Ch. Millshadow Aster x Dardnell Daydream)

Certificates of Merit -
Mr. I. Wilsonís Int.Ft.Ch. Tickety Boo
Mr. M. Stewartís Kristyís Moor

About Gortin

Situated within the beautiful Owenkillew Valley, snuggled tightly beneath the shadow of the Sperrin mountains, lies the village of Gortin, Co. Tyrone.

An area of outstanding natural beauty, Gortin provides itís visitors with the opportunity to explore itís rolling hills, pine forests, waterfalls, the enchanted woodland of the Boorin Nature Reserve, wildlife, tumbling rivers and streams.

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