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Moving around to new ground, next dogs in were Mr. T. Patterson’s Pendalgate Seonaid (Ft.Ch. Trawsgoed Lad of Caldyview x Pendalgate Melainie) and Mr. D. Mc Keeman’s Kenmar Sal (Ft.Ch. Badgercourt Warlord x Brackentwist Flush of Kenmar). Sal also had little luck, experiencing a fairly long dry run. Mr. J. McNamee’s Forestmay Pearl (Ft.Ch. Millshadow Aster x Dardnell Daydream) applied herself to the job at hand and showed some good hunting ability - with a quick find and simple retrieve.

Mr. D. Kyle’s bitch, Rytex Risla (Ft.Ch. Kenine Robb of Rytex x Whinreek Isla), failed on a retrieve. Mr. M Stewart’s dog Kristy’s Moor (Ft.Ch. Anahoe Dougie of Drumross x Limehill Buzzard) and Mr. D. Doherty’s very imposing bitch, Primrose Magic (Drumagrove Magic x Bramble Lane Susie), were the remaining dogs to run. Kristy’s Moor, a b&w spaniel, showed his excellent game finding and retrieving abilities to the full with several finds and some very well taken retrieves, a performance that stood the dog in good stead, with the Judges awarding the dog a Certificate Of Merit for his labours.

Lunch was taken before moving onto higher ground consisting of wide open expanses of rush and bramble… and scrub hedging. Unproductive runs set the pattern for some time on this patch, with every spaniel having to work meticulously for finds. An abundance of game was detected on lower climbs as the Trial proper descended. Game was present, but jumpy.

Judges Organ and McComish completed their books, as a quiet rumble spread throughout those present, that this was a trial "that was there for the taking." Very few errors had been seen throughout the Stake, and standards, overall, were on a very high par. No spaniel seemed to hold outstanding claims to the major honour on offer.

The judges moved again to more suitable ground where two dogs could be run-off against each other.

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