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Generally a dog is a family member but children must realise that pup is not a new toy and that they have to treat him correctly. Let them know what they can and cannot do with the pup. You cannot be around all the time, therefore it is a good idea to spend a little time educating and training your family to ensure that pup is handled correctly and consistently and learn good habits. That does not mean there has to be a strict regime but the pup has to be respected and treated correctly and games which could create problems for you in the future avoided. And when a pup is a member of a family it is essential that there is consistency of commands and actions to avoid confusion in the pups mind.

If anything creates problems with a new pup in the home it is housebreaking. Too often the pup is corrected because of fouling the home when it has not been taught to go outside or it cannot control it's natural functions yet. To develop a clean pup requires training and good management by the owner. Pup will usually need to eliminate immediately upon waking, before putting to bed for the evening, within ten to twenty minutes of feeding, within ten to twenty minutes of drinking water, and within ten to twenty minutes of running and playing. Some pups become clean very quickly but an owner can help this process. Teach pup to head for the door and go outside by encouraging the pup to follow you and as you go through the door give the command 'Outside'. Once outside, go with the pup and as you watch, the moment he starts to look as though he is going to urinate or defecate give a command for this (I use 'Look Sharp!'). As pup is going about his business very quietly tell him 'Good' and then a little louder when he steps away. Do not be too excited in this praise during the action or it may interrupt the important 'job'. Always remember also that the pup may need to do two jobs. By watching your pup you will quickly learn from the time of the day and the body action of the pup when it is going to do what. If pup consistently needs to go out during the night or you have accidents in the night then it is a good idea to remove all water from 8.00pm onwards, provided pup was allowed a drink at that time and dinner was given before this time.

These early days are important and will help create a lasting relationship. If they are traumatic for you as well as the pup, you may never create the relationship which is so essential between a dog and it's owner. The important thing is that you and the whole of your family are consistent. So think through what you are going to do in the early days, it all starts the moment you pick pup up and builds from there.

Martin Deeley has trained and handled gundogs for over 25 years. He is internationally recognized as not only a trainer of hunting dogs, but also of their owners. Deeley has authored three gundog training books, directed and commentated a series of British gundog training videos, and is regularly published in magazines on both continents. Martin established the International Gundog Training Center and presents Hunting Dog Workshops in Europe and the US with reknown American trainer Ray Cacchio.

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