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2. Pheasants often flush without the aid of the pole.
3. Try to get the dog used to the pole by carrying it and making "pole noises" when letting the dog out to have fun or to train.
4. To maintain a strong flush, allow the dog to "follow through" on the flush before having to sit. As the dog gains experience, the "follow through" can be shortened.
5. While the handler may think the dog is steady to flush, the dog may feel that it is steady to flush, to the pole, to the training site, and to other stimuli. Change training sites often and mix unrestrained fliers in with the harnessed birds.
6. As a special treat, allow your dog to eat a bird. Gotcha!

Don Smail has been actively training and field trialing English Springer Spaniels for over two decades. He is a member of the Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club and resides near Wausau.

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