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Running on the far side was Mr. J. Rockís Emma of Tinglecreek (Birdrowe Ruben x Birdrowe Jenny). She was a flashy sort who could put herself about well. Eventually, she was discarded from the Stake for a fail on a retrieve.

Next under orders were Mr. T. Evansí Kenmar Scilla (Ft.Ch. Badgercourt Warlord x Brackentwist Flush of Kenmar). Scilla also eventually fell by the way through a failed retrieve.

The next dog in under the judge was Mr.Ivan Wilsonís Keeperscourt Dancing Brave (Int.Ft.Ch.Rytex Ruffer of Tasco x Wyndhill Regale), followed closely by Mr. D. Hickensonís good looking dog, Edwardiana Tay (Ft.Ch. Laganmill Malvern x Toonarmy Torrent). Handled by Aiden Patterson, this nice patterning dog showed he was very much at home in cover, and proved his obvious class with a very closely run second place overall; being narrowly beaten by the eventual winner in a run off.

Moving on to open rush and scrub, the next dog in was Mr. K.Mosesí stylish hunting dog, Killylin Klipper (Wyndhill Ben x Largbeg Wisp). A leggy spaniel, but one who possesses a fair degree of style, Klipper blotted his copy book requiring excessive handling to a retrieve on his second run.

Following in next was Mr. I. Wilsonís very good bitch, Ft.Ch. Tickety Boo (Int.Ft.Ch. Rytex Ruffer of Tasco x Wyndhill Reverie) - a full half-sister to the winning dog. Tickety Boo, last years winning Spaniel, seemed a little off her usual pacy self. But nevertheless her class stood her in good stead, with the bitch doing enough throughout the closely contested Stake to command a Certificate Of Merit.

"Very few errors had been seen throughout the Stake, and standards, overall, were on a very high par."

Stepping up next was Mr. Robin Young and his very pleasing spaniel bitch, Edwardiana Tawny (Ft.Ch. Clarburgh Art x Toonarmy Torrent). This full half-sister to Edwardiana Tay, applied herself in her usual panache, and didnít quite get the rub of the green on this occasion, with some longish unproductive runs. Winner of Antrim & Downís Open Qualifier the previous week, there will be more to come from this very progressive bitch.

Following on from this, was Mr. V. McDevittís Freecrowe Sprite of Glendevitt (Knockmany Simon x Dextra Dove). A find with no retrieve on her first run, Sprite also was unfortunate to have a longish unproductive second run.

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