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apt to rebel against attempts to undergo field training. For those that will hunt, expect a close working dog that moves at a fast trot rather than running speed. They do have a highly developed sense of smell. Generally, they are thorough hunters intent on checking out every shrub or clump of grass - with good stamina, and an excellent memory. Larry illustrates this by saying that they will often remember every spot where they've found game in the past - even as long ago as the previous year.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel may not be considered a good choice for the serious hunter. However, if a slower-paced companion for the occasional hunter is appealing - or your interests in a spaniel are strictly pet oriented, a Welsh Springer Spaniel may suit you well.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Contacts

Loretta Baughan

Loretta Baughan resides near Merrill, Wisconsin, with her husband, Steve, and their three children. They raise and hunt English Springer Spaniels under the Autumnskye prefix. She is a member of the UKC Flushing Breeds Hunt Test committee, the Tilden Valley English Springer Spaniel Club, and Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club.

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