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Dr. Chris Christensen with Flint.

long for him on his course. At the same time, the bracemate flushed a bird that was shot close to Flint. Chris just waved his hand toward the correct fall, the dog ignored the second bird and retrieved his own. Flint made a situation that would have overcome most dogs look very simple. Many people have commented over the years on that particular retrieve.

Flint was an unusual combination of a dog with extraordinary nose and marking ability, with a great desire to please and great control. He ran in trials a long time because of this. He had a perfect mouth and was a good retriever. He was exceptionally intelligent. Flint was a great water retriever and had a great entry - spreading out over the water. He was put into the Bird Dog Hall of Fame with the first group of dogs inducted.

Flint's best son was another Hall of Famer, FC, NAFC, NCFC Sherwood's Best Chance.

Flint lived in the house after his retirement from trials. He was truly one of the great ones.

Janet Christensen with Scud

Janet Christensen DVM has been training and running her dogs since 1965. She has won six nationals, judged many trials, and was inducted into the Field Trial Hall of Fame in 2000. She and her husband Chris live in North Plains, Oregon. They have two daughters and two granddaughters.

Janet is pictured with her dog, 2xNAFC, NFC, CNFC Saighton's Scud.

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