• All articles must focus on topics of interest to spaniel owners.
  • Previously published articles will not be accepted.
  • Preferred format for article submissions: Works, Word, or other plain text format.
  • Length of article should be a minimum of three typed pages.
  • Please send a query prior to sending an article and/or photos.
  • Manuscripts may be sent via US Mail. Email for address.
  • Photographs may be sent via US Mail to be scanned and returned.
  • If photographs will be sent via email, please compress the image[s].
  • Photos sent over the internet are accepted in .jpg or .gif formats, only. No bitmaps or .tiff files, please.
  • Include a brief writer’s bio detailing experience with spaniels and/or qualifications for writing on the proposed topic - along with any contact info to promote your spaniel-related business, if any.
  • Include your name and email address with correspondences.

Guidelines for Letters to the Editor

  • All Letters to the Editor must be signed and include your contact email address as well as location ie. "city, state" or country.
  • It is the Editor's discretion to publish entire letters or just a portion of a letter.
  • Letters may be edited for length.
  • Please note: Advertisements for puppies, products, or other services will not be printed in Letters to the Editor. Advertisements belong on the Classifieds page.
    Contact Loretta Baughan for advertising rate information.

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