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Thatís pretty good for a puppy at his first Open All Age trial as far as Iím concerned.

Our placements were:

  • First Place: Dog 16, Koko Belle, Owner/Handler John McCaffrey
  • Second Pace: Dog 8, C.F.C. Skaarís Jumpin Jasper, Owner/Handler Tom Briggs
  • Third Place: Dog 23, UpCountry Lighthouse Amos, Owner Archie Hendrick, Handler Robert Sansom
  • Fourth Place: Dog 11, Sportsman Quarterback Montana, Owner/Handler Steve Milton

The limit placements were:

  • First Place: Dog 7, Sportsmanís Pelleterís Partner, Owner Lisa and Steve Milton, Handler Steve Milton
  • Second Place: Dog 2, Grousevalley Wind at My Back (Mac), Owner Sue OíNeill, Handler Gerald Babin (Me!!!)
  • Third Place: Dog 6, Abitt O Jaeís Pride and Kiltie, Owner John Eadie, Handler Cassey Butz
  • Fourth Place: Dog 12, Winterwindís Lets Make a Deal, Owner Ray & Nancy Sundblad, Handler Robert Sansom

    Gerald Babin with Trixie and Smokey

    Gerald Babin has been involved with English Springer Spaniels for the past 21 years. He and his wife, Sherry, operate Grousevalley Springers. Gerry has produced four Canadian Field Trial Champions - one of which was the #2 Canadian High-point dog for 1988. He assisted in the 2001 Canadian High-point dog along with Marty Knibbs. Gerry actively hunts his Spaniels and thoroughly enjoys Field Trials. He sits on the C.K.C (Canadian Kennel Club) Spaniel Council representing Ontario North, is an accredited C.K.C. Spaniel Judge, on the board of directors of the Sudbury & District Kennel Club and is webmaster of that club's website

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