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moving and hear snorting from the dog as he cleared his nose of seeds and whatever, while he pushed the bird out of itís cover. As they both exited the raspberries, the bird took to the air providing a clear unobstructed shot for the gunner. The bird was downed on the crest of the opposite hill and Jasper was sent though the lower portion of field, across a road, and to the tree line to make his retrieve. He started looking for the bird about three meters (Canada) downwind of the fall and quickly collected it delivering it gently to hand. More notes.

The last dog was dog 28, Sweeper, who had a wonderful series under me in the first and handled the heavy portion of the course with ease. He was cast off and covered the ground well making nice big loops - using the wind to his advantage. Kicking up his head, he rushed in on a bird - tucked in half way across his course, scooping it up and promptly delivering to hand. This area had already been covered by a previous dog just before him. We made notes on it. The second bird was also a pick-up. We asked for a third contact for Sweeper. With smoothness and grace, Sweeper worked both sides of the beat and winded another bird from a good, respectable distance and moved in on the bird. The hen was forced out of itís cover. It was dispatched by the gunner a short distance out giving Sweeper a short retrieve. One can only play the cards youíre dealt with. More notes.

After some deliberation Jamie and I came up with the placements.

  • First place, and well deserving: Dog 22, Skaarís Jumpin Jasper and new Field Trial Champion, Owner/Handler Tom Briggs of Calgary Alberta
  • Second place: Dog 2, Manitoulin Duke of Lloyd, Owner/Handler Cosmo Cristo
  • Third place: Dog 10, Sir Loganís Run, Owner/Handler Ron Larwood
  • Fourth place: Dog 28, FTCH Springville Imperial Sweeper, Owner Bonnie OíGrady, Handler Frank OíGrady

With eighteen starters, our Puppy placements were:

  • First Place: Dog 10, Sportsmanís Pelleterís Partner, Owner Steve & Lisa Milton
  • Second Place: Dog 18, Grousevalley Northern Clipper (Smokey), Owner/Handler Gerald Babin (me!!!!)
  • Third Place: Dog 6, Courbois Mollue Imperial, Owner Mario Gagnon/Luc Bourget, Handler Mario Gagnon
  • Fourth Place: Dog 7, Winterwinds New Beginings, Owner/Handler Cosino Cristo

Although the third series was very exiting - and at times spectacular, Jamie and I agreed that due to the scenting conditions, heat, and lack of wind, the judging assignment was tough and not fun. I did, however, enjoy judging with Jamie Armour and found that as the trial progressed, he and I had the same compassion for these marvelous creatures we call Spaniels. Their drive and desire in all conditions is always astounding. A good Spaniel will always make good of any tough situation. Thank you Jamie, for sharing your knowledge.

Some of the competitors ask if I, as Field Trial Chairman, would change the fields for the next day. I said, "No, the field would be used again, tomorrow."

Day Two (my turn)

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