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not like planted birds. In New Zealand, we HUNT pheasants - this is not just pheasant shooting. Because of this, the dog work has to be at the pinnacle of the scale and Poronui has ensured that the best of dogs and handlers are available.

Poronui Ranch

From your sumptuous breakfast, exciting hunt, superb gundog work and the relaxing recounting of the days events over a Merlot from the cellar (Poronui boast NZís largest private wine collection) Poronui is set to be respected as the pinnacle of the Pheasant hunting and spaniel world "downunder".
Poronui Ranch Ltd. - PO Box 1047, Taupo, New Zealand
Telephone +64-7-384-2080 | Facsimile +64-7-384-2054
To contact us by email, please send a line to
Eve Reilly, our lodge manager -
or visit us at

Clark Reid

Guide and Spaniel Trainer, Clark Reid, tired, but happy
at the end of the first full-scale Poronui pheasant hunt.

Clark Reid grew up with a passion for gundogs and hunting on New Zealandís North Island. All outdoor sports occupied Clark. He is well known as one of NZís leading fly-fishing guides and flytiers. Recently, in association with Poronui, he added "Pheasant Guide" to his list of occupations. Over the years, Clark has run Labradors, GSPís, and now spaniels. He declares that he will now run nothing elseÖ heís a spaniel fanatic. He is currently bringing on a young ESS, who, at 18months of age, is occupying all of his time in getting ready for field trials. Clark plans on adding two more to his kennels in the ensuing twelve months.

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