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seminars conducted by Fred Bradley and Ms. Knight, they compliment each other well. (Fred can be reached at 518.329.1108)

Well, I must say, Iím very impressed with all that Fred shared with me about Hawthorne Kennel, English line breeding , (most of his dogs are still from Kenís breeding) and training tips and goals!

This has been a wonderful experience for me talking to a "PRO" and getting a "series by series", or "bird by bird" account of how Fred took NFC Creignant Mordred, "Merlin" to their "Field of Dreams" and won the 2002 National Cocker Championship!

Billie K. Edwards' first involvement with springers came in 1999 when she married Tim. Little did she realize that not only did she get a husband, but a new hobby as well! She trained her rotti, Rosie, as their new little springer pup started to do the same commands. Tim was transferred to Connecticut and Billie K. was given a retired springer named Mele. She trained and ran Mele in Hunt Tests, passing 4 out of 5 masters. Currently, she trains in agility along with Hunt Test, and Field Trials. Her two pups both have titles in agility and one has a Senior Hunt test title, while the other has one more leg to complete his title. "Springers are like Lays Potato Chips, you canít have just one!"

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