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The author provides detailed instructions - with drawings - are for field dressing and butchering all sorts of game; cleaning, skinning, and boning fish; as well as, "how tos" for dressing and plucking birds. Handy.

They say that variety is the spice of life… this cookbook proves that adage true.

A love of the outdoors… fly fishing, upland and duck hunting with gundogs - is conveyed to the viewer through The Paintings of Eldridge Hardie; Art of a Life in Sport. He does so, with skillful use of color, a masterful command of light, and with the feeling of exhilaration the hunter or fisherman experiences when the birds bust out from their hiding places or the fly line snaps taut from the strike of a fish.

A Pheasant in a Plum Thicket portrays a hunter and his black lab bringing home a pheasant - the snow blanketed landscape reflecting magenta hues of the twilight sky. There’s a sense of familiarity in Hardie’s Woodlot Ruffs as a pair of grouse make their escape in a Wisconsin thicket. A pair of field bred English Springer Spaniels flush chukar on a late afternoon, Colorado hunt in On Scenic Mesa.

Presented in this large, coffee table book, are 118 of Eldridge Hardie’s paintings spanning over 50 years of his career as a fine sporting artist.

Cordially Yours by Nancy has fashioned these lovely earrings from authentic pheasant feathers. The gold wire drop earrings with bead details compliment either field or casual wear.

In addition to these unique earrings, Cordially Yours by Nancy also offers a variety of pins that add just a touch of pheasant feathers to shirts, blouses or jacket lapels - along with various other upland themed gift items.

Zabell's beautiful, hand-decorated pheasant motif, stoneware platter would look great on any table. It is a heavy, 12"x16" platter perfect for all occasions - and it is dish washer safe.

Zabell offers the platter in a smaller size and utensil jars to match. The company also sells their own line of women's field clothing.

Copies of each of these books can be purchased at
the Spaniel Journal Bookstore.

The pheasant feather earrings and other upland themed gift items can be ordered from Cordially Yours by Nancy at

Pheasant motif stoneware dishes are available through Zabell

Loretta Baughan

Loretta Baughan is the Founder, Editor and Publisher of Spaniel Journal. As owner of the Autumnskye kennel, she raises, trains and hunts her English Springer Spaniels. She is member of the Tilden Valley English Springer Spaniel and Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Clubs. Loretta resides near Merrill, Wisconsin, with her husband, Steve, and their three children.

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