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Retriever Training Drills for Blind Retrieves
by James B. Spencer - Copyright © 2001
Alpine Publications, Inc. Loveland CO
ISBN 1-57779-033-2

Other books on Retrieving:

Training the Hunting Retriever - The New Program by Bill Tarrant

Classic Tarrant writing. It addresses the entire training program, not just marked and blind retrieves. More basic information on training a Retriever; it is specifically not a book on training a Spaniel to retrieve. The book is useful in its explanation of the power-bar, a medieval torture instrument used to teach dogs to heel. I've used it, and it works. Tarrant also touches on the chain-gang concept and force breaking.

I think that it is a good thing for spaniel trainers to understand some of the specialized tools that are used by trainers of other breeds. Tarrant actually features a few retrieving drills that Spencer does not consider.

Earlier, I mentioned the special problem in training the Spaniel to do blind retrieves. Quoting Tarrant: "A dog with a terrific nose can be a detriment."

out of print
available on used market

Training the Hunting Retriever - The New Program
by Bill Tarrant - Copyright © 1991
Macmillan Publishing Company, New York NY
ISBN 0-87605-575-7

Retriever Training for Spaniels by Pamela O. Kadlec

I just loaned this book to my friend, Mike, who is training his dog for the Master Hunter Water Blind. I still think it's a great book which puts a spaniel perspective on the retrieving end of things. Kadlec is a Boykin trainer who knows how to adapt the classic drills to the "soft-tempered, hard-headed, intelligent" spaniel.

If you are really serious about training for hard-core blind retrieves - or just enhancing your spaniel's marked retrieving ability - this book, coupled with Spencer's, should get you on your way. You may want to check out the my

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