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correctly, give verbal praise the moment he begins to do what you have asked. For example on a recall, the moment he takes one step towards you. Never punish or verbally chastise your dog when he comes back to you - and especially, do not grab for him or you will make him hand shy.

Effective distance control is a long job. It takes time and patience to build reliability so do it in small stages. Never be too lazy to show your dog exactly what is required and beware of progressing too quickly.

Ray Cacchio and Martin Deeley

Martin Deeley has trained and handled gundogs for over 25 years. He is internationally recognized as not only a trainer of hunting dogs, but also of their owners. Deeley has authored three gundog training books, directed and commentated a series of British gundog training videos, and is regularly published in magazines on both continents. Martin established the International Gundog Training Center and presents Gundog Workshops in Europe and the US with reknown American trainer Ray Cacchio.

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