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dummy. One excellent way to get your dog hunting is to offer to 'dog in' around the boundaries of the shooting estates. Provided he is under control, many keepers welcome this as it stops their birds wandering. 'Dogging in' on a good estate with game gives your dog plenty of scent up his nose, he can get regular flushes and will see birds running ahead providing the opportunity to reinforce sit, recall and steadiness. But make sure it is ground where you can see your dog and keep in constant touch with him. What often reinforces the steadiness while 'dogging in' is that your dog does not associate birds being shot every time with the find and flush and therefore learns there is no reason to chase as nothing is coming down. However, occasionally throw a dummy in the direction of the flush or even in a different direction and give him a retrieve so he begins to learn the association.

Ray Cacchio and Martin Deeley

Martin Deeley has trained and handled gundogs for over 25 years. He is internationally recognized as not only a trainer of hunting dogs, but also of their owners. Deeley has authored three gundog training books, directed and commentated a series of British gundog training videos, and is regularly published in magazines on both continents. Martin established the International Gundog Training Center and presents Gundog Workshops in Europe and the US with reknown American trainer Ray Cacchio.

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