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written. All in all, I think it was a great weekend. The dogs had a blast doing what all spaniels love to do best - hunt birds!

Boykin Spaniel Society Upland Hunt Test Results

Open & Intermediate Judges: Ray Cacchio and Tom Schoene
Novice Judges: Deb Schoene and Cathy Lewis
Bird Planter: Mark Fulmer
Marshall for all classes: George Stone
Gunners: Ed Faraci Jr. and Billy Moxley

Open seven entries
1st: HRCH UH Fancy's Mighty Sampson owner & handler: Gene Putnam
2nd: HRCH UH King's Curlee Gurlee owner & handler: Pam Kadlec
3rd: HR UH Daisy owner & handler: Harriet Clark
4th: Warren's 1st Scout owner & handler: Billy Warren

Judges Award of Merit
Pocotaligo's Taylor Made
owner & handler: Kim Parkman

Intermediate seven entries
1st: Beal's Jig
owner: Barry Beal, handler: Kim Parkman
2nd: HR UH Pocotaligo Philly
owner & handler: Kim Parkman

Rock'n Creek Jaymes Mark
owners: James & Millie Latimer
handler: Millie Latimer
Penny's Wooden Nickle
owners: Katie & Randy McHugh
handler: Randy McHugh
Hap Man DO
owner: Dock & Amelia Skipper
handler: Dock Skipper

Novice seven entries
1st: Rock'n Creek Webster
owners: James and Millie Latimer, handler: Millie Latimer
2nd: Rock'n Creek Izabelle Many Feathers
owners: James & Millie Latimer, handler: Millie Latimer
3rd: HR Pocotaligo Wednesday
owner & handler: Kim Parkman
4th: Just Ducky's Little Lass
owners: Katie and Randy McHugh
handler: Randy McHugh

For information on Boykin spaniels and future hunt tests
- or to join the Boykin Spaniel Society, please contact the Executive secretary:
Jane Sexton, PO Box 2047, Camden, SC 29020 -

Pamela O. Kadlec is a professional trainer who specializes in training Boykin spaniels for both retriever and upland work. For more on spaniel training, check out her new book, Retriever Training for Spaniels, available through the Spaniel Journal Bookstore.

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