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board and how stocks can be measured to conform to a person's physical dimensions. He does a good job of explaining that for shooting to be instinctive and natural, the shotgun needs to fit the shooter.

"...for shooting to be instinctive and natural, the shotgun needs to fit the shooter."

The Art of Shooting Flying does a fine job of teaching the techniques of instinctive shooting and offers ideas for practicing that can be done in the home. Problems that may be encountered are also addressed. However, does it improve one's shooting? After having skeet averages of about 19-20 for several years - and an average of just 17.9 two years ago, I viewed this video set. Throughout the spring and summer of this past year, I practiced the techniques. My average went to 21.4, a personal high. Thank-you Mr. Bilinski and Mr. Huggler!

I was mildly disappointed that there were no gun mounted or gunner's view camera shots of targets being broken. Since I am a visual learner, I would like to have seen that type of camera views.

In the video, it was explained that lead is built in to technique. The way one person sees something may not be the way another sees it. I believe that the same holds true for explanations. I recall watching a shooting program on television. The expert shooter explained that one should get the barrel in front of the target and maintain the speed of the target. However, on a quartering right to left target shown via a gun mounted camera, the gun actually slowed just before the target was broken. There is truth in "Seeing is believing".

Regardless, I recommend The Art of Shooting Flying to those who wish to improve their shooting. The approximately two hours of viewing time are informative and interesting. The northwoods setting makes one wish for the open season to put into practice the techniques of instinctive shooting.

Fieldsport Ltd.
Fieldsport of Traverse City, Michigan, offers Custom Gun Fitting and Wingshooting Instruction. Their 2003 Wingshooting School sessions will be taught by Michael McIntosh, Chris Batha, and Bryan Bilinski. Two-day classes begin in early August, running through the end of the month. Various offerings include the Traditional Wingshooting School, Advanced Level, and a new class designed for Couples, that encourages the Novice to attend.

You can contact Fieldsport at 231.933.0767 or visit them online at

Don Smail

Don Smail has been actively training and field trialing English Springer Spaniels for over twenty years. He is a member of the Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club and resides near Wausau.

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