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will grow and be at the top of the relationship hierarchy. The secret to a good relationship and a strong bond between you and your dog does not lie in giving your dog the best food treats or warmest part of the bed but in fair, structured and consistent training and work together which is fun and rewarding. Then your lives together become a true partnership with the strongest bond of all, tied to a common motivation - hunting, shooting and working together as gundog and proud owner.

Martin Deeley has trained and handled gundogs for over 25 years. He is internationally recognized as not only a trainer of hunting dogs, but also of their owners. Deeley has authored three gundog training books, directed and commentated a series of British gundog training videos, and is regularly published in magazines on both continents. Martin established the International Gundog Training Center and presents Gundog Workshops in Europe and the US with reknown American trainer Ray Cacchio.

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