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Shadows of Luke by Edward I. Wagner Jr.

"In addition to the good wind and weather, I am accompanied by my youngest son. He is seven years old. He was dreaming of this hunt all year long and has been packing his equipment for well over two weeks now. As we settle into our seats, he is just bursting with excitement and anticipation. We’ve watched all the hunting shows and spend most of our free time in the woods. Without hesitation, he will pass up video games and friends to get out in the woods to look for tracks and wildlife. Looking into his eyes, I now understand the sense of pride that my father must have felt during my induction into hunting. I watch him as he quietly scans the surrounding area and acknowledge his hand signals towards the sounds he hears in this pre-dawn hour.

As special as this moment is, something is missing. And though I do my best to suppress my thoughts, my eyes begin to well with tears as I am overwhelmed by images and memories of hunts past. I scan my surroundings from my perch and catch a glimpse of a shadow that has been haunting me for several months now. Most days it is just a brief flicker... but on rare occasions I can almost reach out and touch it..." more

Glenrock Ripple Trophy: Awarded Annually to the North American High Point Springer Spaniel by David Dibblee

"In 1993, David Dibblee, a Canadian field trialer from Nova Scotia, acquired his first springer spaniel bitch with breeding privileges - Glenrock Ripple - from David "Doc" McCurdy. The dog showed great potential at an early age. Never trialed as a puppy, she won her first placement in 1997..." more

Boykin Chief by Dan Reel

"I grew up in North Carolina on a cattle farm with plenty of land to roam and play. My Grandfather, Dan Sr., father, Dan Jr. and myself Dan III worked the land and farm. We also enjoyed hunting, mostly squirrels, quail and waterfowl. The most memorable times were spent in the field chasing game behind working dogs. Most of our dogs were mixed breeds until we got serious and obtained a couple of English Setters, great dogs. Nothing better, until one day in the late 70's, my Dad brought home a strange looking dog he called a Boykin spaniel..." more

Kipling Was Right by Tom Connelly

"I had to send off my best friend today, suddenly, and my heart is breaking. She was only nine. She was my best friend for all of those years.

Nigelle was a gift, the most wonderful gift I've ever received. And she was my teacher. She taught me to love unconditionally, to make time for the important things in life, and to take pleasure in the sheer joy of watching her do what she was born to do: to hunt.

I realized several years ago that our time afield was not measured by the game we bagged, but simply by finding birds. Sometimes I would hunt her for those without dogs: two men who were crippled and could only hunt from the access path; a young boy with his father. The father didn't hunt, but took the boy because the boy begged him to. She flushed the boy's first pheasant for him. The joy at that moment - Nigelle's and the boy's - heard the bird cackling, the roar of the wings, Nigelle went airborne, rocketing straight up behind the rooster... and the boy could not shoot. He was frozen with astonishment and wonder, and from that moment, he too would forever love springers..." more

Bitch by Kevin C Shelly

"A good gun dog is equal parts skill, science and luck. At least I got lucky.

Getting a good dog from the right stock is important. So is training well and often. But all things being equal, the most important factor in succeeding with a hunting dog is trust. Reciprocal trust. That's the moral of nearly every story about hunters and their dogs. It's also a difficult lesson for the novice trainer to embrace. Especially a novice trainer who is also a novice shooter and a neophyte hunter who has succeeded reasonably well before acquiring a dog. That described me perfectly when I finally learned to trust my English springer spaniel when it came to birds.

Mea culpa: I'm a lousy trainer, despite good intentions.

Even tempered -- no. Consistent -- don't think so. Smarter than Murphy -- yes, but not often enough..." more

Not All Whistles Are Created Equal by Dr Andrew Mitchell, Jimmy Shen and Dr Andre Trudel

"Each of Peter's whistles is a work of art. Some are intricately carved with dogs or wildlife. The whistles have a unique shape, colour, size, feel and sound. Field trial handlers are very particular about their whistle. When purchasing a whistle from Peter, he doesn't just give them one or two to try. Instead, he hands over a bag containing dozens. Which one should be chosen?..." more

Wing Tips - Propagation and Care of Pigeons & Game Birds for Dog Training: Pigeon Genetics 101 by Bill Fawcett

"To some, it might seem that purpose-breeding pigeons is going a bit far for one whose primary goal is simply homing and/or surplus birds for dog training. Maybe so. But if you are going to spend the time setting up breeding facilities, might you also want to get the most effective return for your money and effort? Furthermore, although there are huge differences, learning something more about the basics of genetics is something that will benefit any dog breeder..." more

Sewage Makes Cesspool of Our Waterways by Loretta Baughan

"In the three months since the BP oil rig explosion, government estimates place the amount of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico at between 94 and 184 million gallons. An enormous disaster, but even so, it doesn't begin to compare to the amount of waste spewing into Lake Michigan from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD).

It's been more than just a rainy July in Wisconsin this year, it's bordering on becoming a monsoon. Or at least it seems to be so. The most recent deluge dumped 8" of rain in some areas of Milwaukee, causing widespread flooding, widespread sewer back ups into residents' basements, sinkholes, foundation cave-ins - and a massive spill of 2.1 billion gallons of untreated sewage into Lake Michigan... yes, BILLIONS...." more

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